Scheer Fires Chief Of Staff; The Knives Are Out Within The Conservative Family

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer continues to face a rebellion within his party. He is fighting to keep his job and his position of leader. In an effort to do just that he has fired two top aides in his office as the party deals with the fallout of an election loss.

Chief of staff Marc-André Leclerc and communications director Brock Harrison we’re made the scapegoats of the shortcoming of Scheer for the poor Conservative election campaign. Autumn Roth discusses loyalty “When you are so close to people, you feel just like family. You feel that these are your people and you are theirs.” It seems the knives are out within the Conservative family. 

During the October 21 election, the Conservative Party was unable to capitalize on multiple problems within the Liberal and NDP parties to get a majority of seats and form government. 

Scheer sent out the information about the firings in a press release. He wrote, “Following the election results, and as we gear up to hold Justin Trudeau to account in this new minority Parliament, I felt it was important to make changes at the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition.” 

The Conservative Caucus had reportedly presented a list of demands to Scheer with a list of people he needed to fire for him to keep his job. Scheer will face an ultimate leadership review by a small group of Conservative members in 2020, where they will vote on their confidence in his leadership and ability to win against Justin Trudeau.