Sarah Nick, The radio host that captured the hearts of a nation

One door closed for Sarah Nick and 10,000 opened

What was supposed to be a routine Monday on the air hosting the Sarah and Tyler morning show at Energy 106 FM, ended with Sarah Nick receiving a letter of termination and being walked out the door minutes after signing off air.

In a state of shock, Sarah was still trying to process the surrealness of the whole event. Many questions were racing through her mind like, was it a performance issue or did she say something wrong on-air etc. In the end, Sarah was told her dismissal was due to restructuring. Just like any other industry, radio stations are not immune to restructuring nor are they to questionable HR decisions.

Sarah Nick, The radio host that captured the hearts of a nation
Sarah Nick

The dismissal of one of Canada’s most admired morning personalities only to be replaced by one that is prone to making controversial and offensive comments is seen by many as a huge error in judgement by the radio station.

In the wake of the current political and social climate taking place around the world, corporations are actively trying to put themselves on the right side of social justice and history. Judging by the hundreds of comments on social media, Energy 106FM lost the support and respect of a lot of loyal listeners with the firing of Sarah Nick.

We wanted Sarah’s take on the station’s decision to hire Wheeler, but she politely said “ I am thankful I was given an opportunity to work at Energy right after graduating from NAIT school of broadcasting. Adam West took a chance on hiring a young 21-year-old and for that, I am ever grateful.”

Speaking with Sarah, you can tell she is all class and 100% genuine. While many former employees would be angry with their former boss or place of employment, Sarah only had positive things to say about her time spent at Energy and the amazing people she got to work with over the years.

Sarah’s departure from Energy 106 may have just been the best thing to happen to the young broadcaster. She already has an infectious on-air personality and with her heartfelt video thanking all of her listeners for tuning into her show every morning was filled with passion and raw emotion.

Sarah’s video has now been viewed over a hundred thousand times and accompanied by hundreds of likes and positive social shares. When asked why she decided to make the video, she said: “It was never my intention to make a video, but I felt compelled after a press release was issued in the afternoon announcing my departure from the station.

“My phone and social media were blowing up, so many people wanted to know what happened and if I was ok.”

With the overwhelming out pour of support for the radio broadcaster, it is highly unlikely she remains unemployed for very long. Winnipeg and the rest of Canada will not only be rooting for Sarah, but they will also be watching to see where the once in a generation talent lands.

Where ever her future takes her, it will be because she has earned the respect of a nation on merit.

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