Quebec To Tax The Unvaxxed

Premier François Legault announced another controversial measure to incentivise the unvaccinated

Today Quebec Premier François Legault announced his government will soon start imposing a healthcare tax on the unvaccinated. As the rates in Quebec continue to climb daily, the pressure on the healthcare system and hospitals have reached its stress levels.

The most recent data on the evolution of COVID-19, for the last 24 hours, in Quebec, show:

  • 8,710 new cases, for a total of 758,576 people infected *;
  • 62 new deaths, for a total of 12,028 deaths;
  • 2,742 hospitalizations, an increase of 188 compared to the previous day.

Legault has not indicated how much the tax will be, but he said it would be significant. “A health contribution will be charged to all adults that don’t want to get vaccinated. We are there now.” Said François Legault

A tax for the unvaccinated is not as absurd as many may believe. In some European and Asian countries, unvaccinated citizens are fined monthly and are responsible for paying their own hospital bills should they require medical treatment.

Quebec is also the first province to implement a controversial curfew on residents from 10 pm to 5 am to slow the spread of COVID. Being as Quebec operates at times as an independent nation with Canada, it is likely the Legault government will impose stricter COVID mandates if cases continue to trend in the wrong direction.