President Rouhani Gives Directives As Deaths From The Coronavirus Start To Increase

In his phone call with governors-general of Gilan and Qom provinces, Rouhani sympathized with families of the victims of the coronavirus epidemic and urged the governors to use all facilities to make people boost confidence in the health system.

Governors general of Gilan and Qom provinces briefed the president on the latest measures taken to control and uproot coronavirus

Earlier, in his decree, President Rouhani urged Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki to try his best and use all his power to prevent the spread of coronavirus and uproot the disease.

The committee consists of ministers of roads and urban development, interior, education, science, tourism, and culture, as well as chief of staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, head of budget and planning organization, IRIB chief, Iran’s Attorney-General, head of pilgrimage and hajj organization, government spokesman and police chief.

The committee is expected to hold meetings, make policies in presenting services on health, treatment and pharmaceutical field, and inform people.

Meanwhile, spokesman of the Iranian Parliament presiding board Asadollah Abbasi said that some 47 Iranians have been affected by coronavirus of whom 12 have lost their lives.

Abbasi said that based on the report presented by Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki, most of the cases who have been hospitalized in the past few days were due to the contamination by the lethal virus.