Pope Francis Holds Mass To Show Unity And Hope

“We continue to pray for all who are ill due to this pandemic”Pope Francis introduced the Saturday morning liturgy at the Casa Santa Marta. Then he specified his intention for the day:

“Today, I would like to ask a special prayer for families: families who from one day to the next find themselves at home with their children because the schools are closed for security reasons and they need to manage a difficult situation, and manage it well…with peace and joy as well. And in a special way, I think of those families who may have a disabled person among them. The welcome centers for people with disability are closed…. So let’s pray for families, so that they don’t lose peace in this moment and that they might succeed in bringing the entire family forward with strength and joy.”

The Gospel of the day, the Parable of the Prodigal Son, so dear to the Pope’s heart, was the subject of his homily.