Pfizer Develops COVID-19 Vaccine For Kids Under Age 12

The Pfizer kids vaccine is now being reviewed by the US FDA for approval.

By : Almunthir Alghamdi

Since March 2020 the world has experienced what it is like to live in a pandemic, we’ve been hearing about the old ones who lived through plagues and dangerous flues, but for the first time, we have experienced and lived through all the fear, loneliness, danger, speculation, and the unknown.

Thankfully, through the work of scientists, people are learning to live with COVID-19 with the advancement of multiple vaccines. People are starting to get back to their normal lives, jobs and routines with the exception of children. This very important sector of society was not allowed to be vaccinated up until today.

Pfizer, one of a few companies whose vaccine is based on MRNA sequencing, was hard at work researching and developing a vaccine suitable for kids below the age of 12. Early Monday morning, Pfizer announced that they have developed a special dose for kids below 12 years of age that has been tested on 2268 participants. The company notes the results were very promising and positive. The kid doses contain only a 1/3 of the amount compared to the regular dose for the adults.

The vaccine findings have now been presented to the United States FDA for review with the hope of being certified or be given an emergency authorization of use. Other health organizations around the world,  will likely recommend certification based on the findings of the United States FDA.

Hopefully, this new dose of vaccine will be effective and will move us a step closer to the end of the COVID19 story, a story the whole world is dying to close the  book on the last chapter.

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