Pennsylvania Supreme Court Overturns Bill Cosby’s 2018 Conviction

Cosby is to be released immediately form state prison

Bill Cosby in the 80’s changed the perception of what it is to be a Black American family. For decades black families have been portrayed on tv as broken, uneducated and often without the presence of a positive male role model. With the advent of The Cosby show in regular rotation, the definition of a black family for ever changed.

Clair and Cliff Huxtable was a loving, married, well educated lawyer and doctor living the American dream. The Cosby show was not only popular among black America, it crossed racial lines becoming the number one show in America and throughout syndication.

For decades Bill Cosby has been seen as America’s most loveable, sweater wearing, Jello pudding family dad. With Cosby’s fame also came many accusations of inappropriate sexual misconduct with women after he drugged them. For decades Cosby has denied the allegations against him, but nevertheless  those allegations found there way in the court system for a second time which saw the conviction of Cosby in 2018.

Cosby was sentenced to serve 10 years in prison for the alleged sexual assault of a Temple University Student after he had drugged her. Today the Pennsylvania Supreme court overturned and vacated Cosby’s conviction on a technicality. The states highest court cited an agreement in place with the prosecutor would avoid Cosby from being charged. However, that agreement was not upheld.

While in prison, Cosby continued to proclaim his innocence and abstained from taking part in any classes aimed at rehabilitating sexual offenders which was one of the reasons he was denied parole. Although Cosby’s sentence has been vacated, the decision does not absolve him from the allegations of being a sexual predator.

Image credit Cosby show

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