Pakistani Activists Unveil, Paving the Way for AI Education in Urdu and Beyond

In a remarkable endeavor, Pakistani activists have unveiled, an innovative platform that is set to revolutionize AI education not only in Urdu but also beyond. This groundbreaking initiative, led by visionary activists Mr. Qaisar Roonjha the co-founder of Wang Lab of Innovation (WALI) and Mr. Khalid Hussain Mir, a digital creator, entrepreneur and co-founder of Peel Technologies Ltd. aims to bridge the gap in AI knowledge and empower individuals and communities to embrace the world of Artificial Intelligence. emerges as a significant milestone in the quest for accessible AI education. Recognizing the language barriers faced by many, particularly in underprivileged communities, sets out to democratize AI by providing comprehensive education in Urdu. With the guidance of Mr. Roonjha and Mr. Mir, envisions a future where language and background are no longer obstacles to learning and harnessing the power of AI.

“The launch of marks a pivotal moment in our journey to make AI education accessible to all,” states Mr. Qaisar Roonjha, a prominent activist co-founder and spokesperson for “We believe that knowledge should have no linguistic boundaries. Our platform will empower individuals and communities to tap into the transformative potential of AI.” offers an extensive range of educational resources and engagement opportunities. The platform serves as a hub for the latest updates on AI developments, with a specific focus on generative AI tools in Urdu. Through online courses, tutorials, webinars, and in-person workshops, caters to individuals with diverse levels of AI expertise. Additionally, is actively collaborating with universities and educational institutions to integrate AI education into mainstream curricula, thereby advocating for the inclusion of AI knowledge across disciplines.

Mr. Khalid Hussain Mir, an esteemed activist and key member of, emphasizes, “Our mission extends beyond education alone. We aim to cultivate a supportive ecosystem for AI enthusiasts, fostering collaboration, and promoting research and innovation. will become a dynamic platform for networking, resource sharing, and showcasing success stories in the field of AI. is committed to raising awareness about AI and its potential impact on society. Through strategic media outreach and advocacy efforts, the organization aims to stimulate discussions and encourage informed decision-making regarding the benefits and risks associated with AI.

As Pakistani activists Mr. Qaisar Roonjha and Mr. Khalid Hussain Mir continue to spearhead, they invite individuals, communities, and organizations to join them on this transformative journey. Together, they will shape a future where AI education transcends linguistic barriers and empowers people from all walks of life.