Michigan’s Feathered Star: Dolly Pardon Takes the Spotlight in Annual Turkey Pardon

LANSING, Mich. – Move over, Butterball, because Michigan’s feathered sensation is stealing this year’s Thanksgiving spotlight! In a festive and slightly feather-ruffling announcement, Governor Gretchen Whitmer revealed the winning name of the lucky turkey set to be pardoned ahead of Thanksgiving: Dolly Pardon.

The quirky moniker, a clever play on the legendary country singer Dolly Parton’s name, emerged victorious from a gobble-tastic pool of over 3,900 entries in the statewide turkey naming contest. Jay Kozlowski from West Bloomfield takes the crown for the genius behind this pun-filled masterpiece, proving that Michiganders have a knack for humor and a love of all things fowl.

Clearly thrilled by the creative submissions, Governor Whitmer exclaimed, “Congratulations to Jay for submitting Dolly Pardon, the winner of this year’s turkey pardon statewide naming contest. Thanksgiving is a special time in Michigan, and I am so grateful that we are continuing this fun holiday tradition. I also want to thank every Michigander who entered the competition. I loved reading through the hilarious suggestions. It was difficult to pick just one, but I am very proud we got it done. Looking forward to pardoning Dolly Pardon soon.”

As the second turkey to receive the governor’s official pardon since she took office, Dolly Pardon is set to strut her stuff in a ceremony befitting a true celebrity. The event promises to be a turkey triumph, complete with a red carpet, clucking paparazzi, and perhaps even a beak-friendly autograph session.

This feathery phenomenon has captivated the hearts of Michiganders, who have eagerly embraced the annual tradition of naming the fortunate fowl. The naming contest has become a staple in the state, providing a welcome distraction from the usual political poultry, and offering a platform for citizens to showcase their creative wit.

The winning entry, Dolly Pardon, not only pays homage to the iconic Dolly Parton but also captures the spirit of Thanksgiving – a time when we reflect on gratitude, feast on delicious dishes, and, in this case, honor a turkey who has won the lottery of holiday reprieves.

As the anticipation builds for Dolly Pardon’s moment in the gobble-limelight, it’s clear that this turkey pardon tradition is far from being just a flight of fancy. It’s a celebration of the unique and humorous spirit of Michigan, where even our feathered friends get a chance to be stars.

So, as we gather around the Thanksgiving table this year, let’s raise a drumstick to Dolly Pardon, the turkey with a name as legendary as the singer who inspired it. May her feathers be forever fluffy, her clucks be forever cheerful, and her place in Michigan history be forever etched in the annals of poultry puns. Gobble on, Dolly – your pardon party awaits!