Linda Benallal, The CEO of INNOCENT TOUCH – Paris comes back with a new collection for 2022.

Linda Benallal specializes in Islamic fashion design with a Moroccan Touch, she’s French-Moroccan fashion designer.

Established her brand Innocent Touch -Paris In 2013 in Paris (France), and launched it from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in 2014.

It offers a wide range of oriental fashion, which shows the elegance of women, and preserves customs and traditions at the same time.

Linda Benallal, being a celebrity in fashion design and trends, talk about your most prominent designs?

My new designs are completely different, from the rest of the designs, which I designed because I want to use more dark colors and tend more for Emirati abayas designs 2022, which you will soon see on the brand’s new website, I hope you like the cuts, colors, stitching and detailing different from the past designs.

A quick look at your New Collection:

For this season, we find it modest, comfortable and suitable for different body sizes, what are the elements that distinguish your 2022 collection?

The elements that characterize my collection 2022, they suit all ages and tastes, I want to keep the black color, which I consider royal, and with it other colors, and with things suitable for it, in a dark blue.

What is your inspiration for the assortment of materials and colors?

The fabric is my main inspiration, which helps me with the color and touch of the garment.

Starting to come back to normal life, what are the basic tips For fashion back to work?

In the outage of Corona, what equipment have you prepared for the year 2022?

Corona left a mark on humans, and encouraged them to communicate more online (e-commerce) that made it easier for customers to purchase remotely.

What is the message that you would like to convey to women and the fashion world through your designs because you always bring something new?

My message is to make women distinct in their modest dress through my designs in

Innocent Touch -Paris, To look elegant and keep up with contemporary fashion.

Words of thanks and appreciation to the Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, for his rational policy and government facilities, which support Arab women, citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates in achieving their goals and reach the summits.

I would like to thank His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God grant him victory, and may God prolong his life.