Five Alarm Warning – Another Fire Truck Stolen In Winnipeg And Taken For A Dangerous Joy Ride Throughout The City

Video Taken By DJ Blitz

The crime wave & meth crisis continues in Winnipeg. In a brazen affront to the firefighters and citizens of Winnipeg, a fire truck was stolen, driven at high speeds throughout the city and into a busy downtown. Over a dozen police vehicles chased the stolen fire truck on early Friday afternoon.

The truck was stolen near Munroe while firefighters were responding to an emergency call. It weaved through traffic and eventually drove over the often busy soccer Astroturf of Central Park. Eventually, after being heavily damaged, it stopped directly on Assiniboine Ave under the Midtown Bridge. Soon after, the suspect was subdued and tasered in a final confrontation near the Naval Reserve building.

This felony is a continuation of a series of crimes ranging from killings, murders, stabbings, common violence, home invasions, and robberies of stores in broad daylight. The police have been unable to take control of these situations and have been pushed to the edge of operational capacity. Citizens have been warned that even if your home has been victim to home burglary, police will no longer be able to respond. While union leaders, academics, provincial and municipal politicians talk about more meetings, more summits, publishing more reports or activists discuss the need to address the root causes of crime and addictions, the average citizen is left alone wondering why no one actually tackles their needs to live in a secure city.

This unacceptable situation persists despite work of community anti-crime groups like “204” or the “Bear Clan.” Is it time for the arming of security guards with tasers, putting more security cameras on the streets, a zero tolerance policy towards all misdemeanors, or calling for additional reinforcements from the RCMP? What is known is that Winnipeg after having a high with the Bomber’s win of the Grey Cup, they are now having another low; but how low can we go?