Even the Shoe Comes Digital

Dubai | Mohamed Saieed | Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligent Consultant

Athletic shoe company NIKE recently announced the acquisition of a company called RTFKT, which specializes in digital footwear. This is the most important place for NIKE’s entry into the world of metaverse. We see it in the world of technology and announce it. Spread an advertisement about it since it was already announced

NIKE started making athletic shoes; She started investing some time ago in the world of metaverse through video games and through her creation of Metaverse Studio, and reviewing RTFKT will give her a strong push forward in this field.

Founded in 2020, RTFKT specializes in dinner advertised on accented shoes. Each shoe they produce is bearing an NFT form, and proprietary via blockchain technology. Fried in the name of its owner, and as an original commodity. The real picture from the live picture. In other words, the owner of the shoe will have the original proven good, the alternative option of using it during his day, or through his avatar in the world of metaverse, or perhaps investing and selling it later if he wants.

Digital shoes RTFKT sells for Ethereum cryptocurrency, and the price of one pair of shoes can reach ten thousand dollars. Back in March, the company partnered with a cryptocurrency artist, and sold 620 pairs of digital shoes for over three million in just minutes. She also collaborated with a Japanese artist, and achieved sales of nearly $65 million in three weeks. Previously worth

On the other hand, what NIKE does in its creation on the startup is the reality show
In the footsteps of other luxury brands. For example, Dolce and Gabbana two months ago sold NFT pieces for 5.7 million shares.

The frantic competition for the world of metaverse includes not only tech companies, but also fashion and footwear companies. NIKE sees digital sneakers as an investment opportunity, and avatars, and behind them, real people flock to buy proven shoes powered by blockchain technology. This is changing rapidly, as it spreads across the globe, as this number of atmospheric pioneers is changing. Luxury brands and the future will be flaunting what his avatar wears, perhaps this is far or difficult to achieve. Ignore it.

The rapid development in metaverse technology carries a lot in the near future that commands it, which orders it to implement it for its readiness .