Conservatives Lock Stock And Barrel With N.R.A Style Policies.

Toronto, ON – While Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are strengthening gun laws, Andrew Scheer wants to bring American-style gun laws to Canada.

“While Justin Trudeau has announced a new Liberal government will ban military-style assault weapons and make it harder for criminals to get handguns, Andrew Scheer wants to bring American-style gun laws to Canada” said Liberal candidate for Scarborough Southwest and former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair. “Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives would make it easier to buy military-style assault weapons. That’s how they do things in the United States, not here in Canada.”

The official policy of the Conservative Party of Canada is to weaken firearm laws and move many assault weapons from Restricted to non-Restricted status. This would make it easier to get assault weapons. Andrew Scheer also promises to scrap the new law that requires enhanced background checks and requires proof of license for non-restricted firearms.

“Military-style assault weapons are not designed for hunting, they are designed for killing people,” said Blair. “Andrew Scheer opposes practical action to make Canada safer. He must explain why he thinks military-style assault weapons should be on our streets and in our communities.”