Colonel Jeremy Hansen, To Be 1st Canadian Astronaut To Orbit The Moon

Jeremy Hansen, a Colonel and CF-18 pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, is set to make history as the first Canadian astronaut to orbit the Moon. Hansen will join three American astronauts, Christina Hammock Koch, Victor Glover, and G. Reid Wiseman, on the Artemis 2 mission, which is expected to launch in November 2024 for a maximum of 21 days.

Artemis 2 is the second scheduled mission of NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to return humans to the Moon and establish a sustainable presence there by the end of the decade. The Artemis program is a significant milestone in space exploration and science, and it presents numerous opportunities for Canadians to contribute to the advancement of space technology and science.

The Artemis 2 mission is the first scheduled crewed mission of NASA’s Orion spacecraft. The spacecraft will perform a lunar flyby test and return to Earth, marking the first crewed spacecraft to travel to the Moon or beyond low Earth orbit since Apollo 17 in 1972. The Artemis program aims to land astronauts on the Moon in 2025 with Artemis 3, opening up new frontiers for exploration and discovery.

Hansen’s inclusion in the Artemis 2 mission marks a significant achievement for Canadian space exploration and science. Canada has a long and proud history of involvement in space exploration. Canadian scientists and engineers have made many significant contributions to space research, including the development of the Canadarm robotic arm used on numerous Space Shuttle missions.

Hansen’s participation in the Artemis 2 mission highlights Canada’s important role in the international space community. It provides Canadians with a unique opportunity to participate in one of history’s most significant and exciting space exploration missions.

Moreover, Hansen’s participation in the mission will help dispel the myth of the fake Moon landing. The Apollo Moon landing was one of the most significant achievements in human history, but it has been the subject of conspiracy theories for decades. Hansen’s participation in the Artemis 2 mission, along with the other astronauts, will provide tangible evidence of the reality of space exploration and the accomplishments of the international space community.