Cindy Woodhouse Elected AFN National Chief

In a historic moment at the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Special Chiefs Assembly, Manitoba’s own Regional Grand Chief, Cindy Woodhouse, has been elected as the new National Chief. Following multiple rounds of voting, she emerged victorious, securing the majority support from Canada’s Chiefs. This landmark decision marks her as the second woman to hold the esteemed position of AFN National Chief.

“I want to thank the Chiefs that came before me. My role every day is to answer the calls of the Chiefs. This office is yours. I uplift you all.” Said National Chief Woodhouse

Her acceptance speech was heartfelt and filled with thanking everyone who paved the wave for her to be here. From the past, Chiefs, trailblazers and a homeless man on the street in B.C following the elections.

As Woodhouse assumes this crucial role, the path ahead is monumental, laden with challenges and opportunities for Indigenous reconciliation. Known for her dedication and leadership, she steps into the position with a clear focus on addressing pressing issues affecting First Nations communities across Canada.

One of the immediate priorities for Woodhouse is working collaboratively with the federal government and all Canadians to work together and listen to the needs of the First Nations people. In her initial hundred days, the newly elected National Chief will prioritize urgent issues demanding immediate attention.

Simultaneously, the National Chief will address pressing concerns such as drug issues within the Indigenous community, the alarming rates of missing and murdered Indigenous women, and the insufficient access to clean drinking water in First Nations communities. Immediate action involves developing comprehensive plans for substance abuse prevention, collaborating with healthcare professionals, and advocating for policy changes. These initial steps will set the foundation for addressing complex issues swiftly and effectively.

“Today marks a new beginning for the AFN as it regains its’ rightful and prominent place in the national political landscape,” said SCO Grand Chief Jerry Daniels. “I want to wish National Chief Woodhouse the very best in her mandate and I look forward to witnessing firsthand what we can accomplish when we work together in solidarity for all First Nations.”

Paving the way for positive change is undoubtedly a tall task, but Woodhouse is well-equipped to navigate this challenging journey with her capabilities and qualifications. Supported and believed in by Canada’s Chiefs, she carries the collective aspirations and hopes of the Indigenous community into her tenure as National Chief.

The nation’s eyes are on her as the new Chief’s reign begins. Her historic election is not just a symbolic victory; it is a call to action, a mandate for progress, and a testament to the resilience and strength of Indigenous leadership. The AFN, under Woodhouse’s guidance, is poised to usher in a new era of collaboration, advocacy, and positive change for First Nations people across Canada.