China Achieves Record High New Energy Vehicle Registrations in First Half of 2024

Image Credit, Lee Rosario

BEIJING, -China has set a new record in the registration of new energy vehicles (NEVs) in the first half of 2024. According to the Ministry of Public Security, 4.397 million NEVs were newly registered between January and June, bringing the total number of NEVs on the road to a staggering 24.72 million by the end of June.

This surge represents a remarkable year-on-year increase of 39.41 percent in new registrations, highlighting the country’s accelerating transition towards greener transportation. The data, provided by the police, underscores China’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainable development through the adoption of NEVs.

China’s total number of motor vehicles reached 440 million by June 2024, including 345 million cars. NEVs, particularly all-electric cars, dominate this landscape, with over 18.13 million all-electric cars in use. This figure accounts for approximately 73.35 percent of the total NEV population, emphasizing the growing preference for electric mobility among Chinese consumers.

In addition to the rise in NEVs, the first half of 2024 saw 13.97 million new drivers receiving their licenses, increasing the total number of licensed drivers in China to 532 million. Out of these, 496 million are car drivers, reflecting the country’s expanding automotive culture.

Urban centers across China are experiencing significant growth in car populations. As of June 2024, 96 cities each boast over one million cars, marking an increase of eight cities compared to the same period in 2023. Among these, 43 cities have car populations exceeding two million, while 26 cities have more than three million cars.

Notably, Chengdu, Beijing, and Chongqing each have car populations surpassing six million. Shanghai, Suzhou, and Zhengzhou also have substantial numbers, each with over five million cars. This urban concentration of vehicles presents both challenges and opportunities for urban planning and infrastructure development as cities adapt to the increasing demand for mobility solutions.

China’s record-setting NEV registrations reflect the nation’s robust policies and incentives promoting clean energy vehicles. As the country continues to lead in NEV adoption, it sets a global example in the shift towards sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation. The impressive growth figures underline the potential for further advancements in technology, infrastructure, and consumer acceptance, paving the way for a greener future.