Canada upholds travel ban: Borders remain closed to America

Canada is on a long list of countries that have imposed a travel ban for American travelers

As the long weekend approaches, Canada’s borders will remain closed to its neighbours to the south. This is a move being praised by Canadians as the virus under the Trump administration has been egregiously mismanaged. While Canada and other countries from the start of the World Health Organization declaring the coronavirus a Pandemic, immediately initiated a COVID-19 task force to develop a national strategy to flatten the curve.

Canada upholds travel ban: Borders remain closed to America

As Canadian government remains committed to protecting the health and safety of Canadians, they continue to trust the science and work with other nations on the development of a vaccine.

All travel of an optional or discretionary nature, including tourism, recreation and entertainment, is covered under the travel ban across all ports of entry in all modes of transportation: land, marine, air and rail.

With the travel restrictions still in place, foreign nationals, including United States (U.S.) citizens, will not be allowed to enter Canada for any of the following examples of discretionary/optional travel:

  • opening or checking on a cottage or seasonal home
  • sightseeing and hiking
  • boating across the border
  • fishing or hunting
  • visiting friends or partners (outside of spouses or common-law)
  • attending a party or celebration

Asymptomatic immediate family members, spouses or common-law partners of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who meet the immediate family member definition and are coming to Canada for a minimum of 15 days will be exempt from the prohibition from entering Canada for a discretionary/optional purpose.

Canada upholds travel ban: Borders remain closed to America

Unless exempt, boaters cannot enter Canadian waters (territorial sea and internal waters) or boundary waters for discretionary or optional reasons. These reasons include: touring, sightseeing and pleasure fishing.

Foreign nationals may be permitted to transit through Canada to Alaska for a non-discretionary/non-optional reason, but must follow stricter rules and meet additional entry conditions.

Canada’s travel ban on all discretionary travel at the Canada-U.S. border was put in place on March 21, 2020 and will remain in place until further notice. This restriction is extended until at least September 21, 2020, and may be prolonged for public health reasons.

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