Bombers Win, A Welcome Distraction For Winnipeg, Canada’s Murder Capital

Hometown native, Andrew Harris of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, made the Hamilton Tiger-Cats look like pussy cats in the 107th playing of the Grey Cup. He became the first Canadian to capture Grey Cup MVP honours since quarterback Russ Jackson did it in 1969 and walked away with the Most Oustanding Canadian award.

Harris dominated the Tiger-Cats defense from the first quarter to the final whistle and finished the game with 134 yards rushing, five receptions for 35 yards and two touchdowns. The Blue Bombers win effectively ends a twenty-nine-year drought for the city and gives fans a welcomed distraction from the violence that plagues the city.

Winnipeg is the murder capital of Canada whose rate of crime and murders, puts the city on par with some of the deadliest and most violent cities in America. Winnipeg as of November 17, 2019, has recorded the city’s 41st homicide which is almost double the national average.

Winnipeg Annual Police Report 2018

Homicides are about double the national average at 3.26. Assaults are slightly above average, but sexual assaults are double Canada’s average, which is a troubling statistic for anyone. Firearms offences are almost exactly the national average at 6.8 compared to 6.79 but that’s far higher than most CMAs on our list. Robberies are 4 times Canada’s average and break & enter incidents are about 50% higher than average. Fraud is lower than average by a bit and impaired driving and most drug offences are surprisingly low. Then there’s youth crime. At 34.67 it’s just over double the national average. This is starting to sound familiar. Like many prairie smaller cities, Winnipeg has a real problem with its youth crime rate. While the city has made improvements from previous years that have been far worse, it still has a way to go to show Canada what a wonderful place it can and should be. A Violent CMI of 159 is not acceptable for a cultured, prosperous city in Canada, or anywhere for that matter.


Winnipeg also has a major meth problem which has been largely ignored by the current Conservative government. It was well documented the Premier of Manitoba, Brian Pallister, and his health Minister Cameron Friesen skipped the only Meth summit held in 2018 that was to address the problems causing the crisis.

Winnipeggers have also expressed their outrage with the city’s Mayor Brian Bowman’s inability to properly handle the meth crisis and the city’s rising crime rates. Winnipeggers feel Mayor Bowmans should focus more of this time and efforts making his citizens feel safe and less time taking selfies and fighting with Premier Pallister and the Unions.

With such a dark cloud hanging over the city of Winnipeg, it is filled with amazing people and full of culture. Winnipeggers can rest assured that if their hometown team can end a twenty-nine-year drought, they too will once again live in a city with sunny ways.