Behind The Veil: The Women of Saudi Arabia Changing The Global Tech Landscape

In the ever-evolving world of full-stack coding and computer engineering, countries like India, the United States, and Canada have become synonymous with tech talent. However, Saudi Arabia is a hidden gem in the global tech landscape. Contrary to popular belief, the country’s women are emerging as trailblazers in internet technology, making significant strides in Github, UX and UI design, Python, C++, Ruby, and more.

One of the key factors contributing to the talent pool in the Saudi Arabian tech sector is the nation’s educational approach. The Kingdom’s commitment to free university learning has allowed its citizens to pursue higher education in computer science, engineering, and related fields. This inclusive strategy has enabled both men and women to follow their tech passions and gain the essential expertise required to thrive in the industry. The substantial investment in this sector has played a vital role in fostering a generation of highly capable professionals poised to contribute substantially to the tech industry.

The nation dedicates a considerable portion of its gross domestic product (GDP) to the education sector, exceeding the global average by a significant margin. With an investment of 8.8% of its GDP in this area, compared to the global standard of 4.6%.

This substantial commitment enables the Kingdom to attract world-class teachers and professors from diverse domestic and international backgrounds, ensuring students receive a high-quality learning experience. Nurturing talent through its focus on education and equipping aspiring tech professionals with a solid foundation to succeed.

The Kingdom has often been associated with stereotypes and misconceptions that overshadow the accomplishments of women in the tech sector. The perception of the oppressed treatment of females in the country has perpetuated an unappealing narrative, neglecting to acknowledge their technological achievements and contributions.

However, the reality is far more nuanced and promising. Saudi women are breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of the tech industry, showcasing their exceptional skills and expertise. Initiatives promoting gender equality, such as lifting the driving ban and increasing women’s participation in the workforce, are transforming the landscape for women in the nation. Challenging these stereotypes and recognizing the incredible accomplishments of Saudi Arabia’s women in tech is crucial, as they are vital in driving innovation and progress.

Beyond the land and oceans that separate the nation from North America, Europe, and other parts of the world, shared similarities and common ground exist among all individuals. Despite cultural differences, we all value the importance of family, work to make a living and find joy in supporting our favorite sports teams.

The tech professionals of the Kingdom embody these shared values and possess the same passion, dedication, and desire to contribute to the global tech ecosystem. They collaborate with their counterparts worldwide, sharing knowledge, expertise, and ideas to drive innovation forward. By acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of Saudi Arabia’s tech talent, we foster a more inclusive and diverse narrative in the global tech community. One that transcends geographic boundaries and appreciates talent based on merit.