Aung San Suu Kyi Sentenced To 6 More Years In Prison

On counts of corruption, Suu Kyi will spend the next 17 years in jail

Former leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, has added six more years to her prison sentencing, which now stands at 17 years.

A special court run by Myanmar’s military Junta is trying Suu Kyi on counts of corruption after the coup in February of 2021 when the military took power. The military removed Suu Kyi from power and arrested her, and appointed a general as the President.

The Nobel prize winner is charged with 20 total acts of crime, 13 of which are corruption. The latest trial accused Suu Kyi of illegally having walkie-talkies in her home and being around crowds during COIVD-19. The Junta has also found Suu Kyi guilty of funds used for a house taken from a charity and misuse of government land. The former leader has denied all of the charges and remains in confinement.

There have been protests from the people demanding release, as well as the U.N Special Envoy arriving Monday in Myanmar. In an address, the U.N. said they were going because of the “deteriorating situation and immediate concerns.”

Sanctions have been placed on Myanmar military supporters since the switch in power in 2021. In addition to Suu Kyi, three other senior generals have all received three years in prison for the same crimes. If Suu Kyi is found guilty on all her charges, she could receive over 160 years in prison.