Anubhav Anand Talks About Good And Bad Stars In Grandest Revelation

Anubhav Anand Talks About Good And Bad Stars in Grandest Revelation                        


                                          By Steve Ogah

Indian Poet and writer, Anubhav Anand believes that revelations just don’t occur. That is the reason he has written about his position in Grandest Revelation: The Exordium. This is a fantastical science fiction novel which draws richly from history to create believability in its narrative universe.

Grandest Revelation: The Exordium is a cocktail of genre as the author has revealed in a recent podcast appearance. It dwells on an Astro Physics Professor, Arthur Kane Davis; who is in fact a survivor of war. He is not alone here as we also encounter the triumvirate of Sharon Hammer, Grishan Hathaway and Ravin Bhan whose lives have been forged in hardships and mysterious toils. With the intellectual exertion of the professor, these friends come to the realization that they are indeed progenies of the stars who have just realized that the stars have their own unique lives and there are good and bad stars in the galaxy. This revelation begins an epic battle to save the universe from the corroding powers of bad stars.

Anubhav Anand sets the stage for a tantalizing read in the way he positions good against evil in this novel. He goes further to pair his heroes with a mentor who helps them to unravel their own spiritual wonders. This Indian marketing executive turned scribbler; imbues celestial stars with lives as though they were beings capable of immortality. This is part of the growing charm of his literary genius.

His book makes a fine read for all who are eager to see good triumph over evil in a world where we are in constant struggles with existential forces often couched in mysteries and thorny complexities. In some ways, this ingenious book animates discussions about the stars, and the God who controls the cosmos. For those who are eager to receive visions, the author has cautioned sensibly that: “Each and every revelation has a string attached to it-the string of annihilation.”

This is exactly what this narrative landscapes seem to portray.

With interviews and coverage across various media platforms, one may conclude that readers are curious to find out more about the Grandest Revelation: The Exordium. Well, Anubhav Anand’s disclosure is available at Amazon and where good books can be found.