151 Dead and 150 Injured At Korean Halloween Party

Authorities expect the death toll to rise with an unknown cause of death

The death toll in the Korean Capital, Seoul, has now climbed to 151, with over 150 injured. What was supposed to be a fun night to celebrate Halloween in Itaewon, known for its cosmopolitan dining and nightlife, has turned into a catastrophic scene of injury and death.

According to authorities, people are suffering from cardiac arrests and have ruled out a gas leak. There is speculation that the victims may have ingested or come in contact at the event with a substance that induces cardiac arrest and trouble breathing. The cause of death is highly concerning, as many victims are young women in their early twenties.

The South Korean agencies have dispatched hundreds of firefighters, paramedics and first responders. Since the causes of the deaths are unknown, South Korean officials have not ruled out a terrorist attack and have security officials on high alert around the city.

Blood and tissue samples have been sent to South Korean labs for examination. Identifying the cause has now become a top priority for Korean officials while ensuring the preservation of life.

World leaders have pledged support for South Korea’s people and offered support and resources to help identify the cause of the death. Healthcare officials say the death toll will steadily rise because they do not know what they are treating.

Given the tragic outcome of Saturday’s event, it is widely speculated that a curfew may occur in certain parts of the country, if not all. As of now, people are still awaiting word from officials to see if any upcoming Halloween parties will be allowed to move forward.