Anass Kobry is among the best doctors of dental surgery and Influnser

Anass Kobry

The holder of the title of Ambassador of the White Smile

Are you looking dear readers for the most important qualities that should be available in the dentist you go to? Are you confused and looking for the best dentist? Are you wondering about the different specialties in dentistry? If you follow this article with us to provide you with all the information you need to know with Dr.Anass Kobry

What are the functions of the dentist?

If we talk in more detail about the medical and functional functions, tasks and responsibilities of the dentist, the most prominent of which are the following:

Clinical examination of teeth, gums and jaw.

Diagnosis of diseases and problems of the mouth and teeth as well as various gum diseases.

Prescribe medications needed to treat various conditions in case of need.

Periodic follow-up of the teeth of patients or people who regularly check to protect the health of their teeth.

Perform various periodic dental procedures such as cleaning teeth from tartar or cleaning dentures, following up prostheses, etc.

Processing the types of dental formulations according to each case after taking their printing such as dental fillings, crowns and others (preparation, not industry, the industry is done in laboratories by specialized technicians).

Performing operations and microsurgery related to the jaw, teeth and gums.

Cooperate with doctors of other special in cases that need to intervene more than one specialty besides the teeth.

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