Canada Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day
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Canada Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day

Canada’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit people are the first inhabitants of Canada

Reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous people must be at the forefront of every administration at all levels of government. The Indigenous people have endured centuries of wrongdoing at the hands of the various Canadian governments, with many only offering mere symbolism of reconciliation.

No time frame can be set to fully reconcile with Canada’s Indigenous people. The atrocities committed centuries ago still have colonial effects reverberating into today’s society. Even with the current administration’s efforts to have meaningful dialogues with Canada’s Indigenous people, they are only as effective if all future administrations stay the course.

A course that will require apologies for past wrongdoings and ensure facilities such as Residential and Day schools could never happen again. Ensuring all Indigenous communities have the fundamental right to clean drinking water and proper healthcare and educational facilities.

On this day, Canada celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day, a day for all Canadians to take time to understand the past and harm done to this community. It is essential to realize that Canadians reside on Indigenous lands and honour and respect that they are the country’s first people.

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