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Amang Goes to the Village is a Model Children’s Story

Amang Goes to the Village is a Model Children’s Story Amang, a goat whose adventures are classical animal idioms that express human experiences where a choice must be made between options, freedom, and subjugation. Due out May 27, Namse Udosen’s newest book is in the league of classic children’s stories. But this is common to Read More…

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The Great Seafood Showdown: Canada’s Atlantic Provinces vs. British Columbia’s West Coast

Canada, with its vast coastline, is a seafood lover’s paradise. The Atlantic Provinces and British Columbia’s West Coast offer exceptional seafood dishes that celebrate the country’s maritime heritage. In this showdown, we delve into the battle of flavours, exploring the best seafood dishes from each region and determining which coast reigns supreme. Canada’s Atlantic Provinces: Read More…

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European Investment Bank Delegation Explores Investment Opportunities in Uganda

A European Investment Bank (EIB) delegation recently embarked on a week-long visit to Uganda to engage with key stakeholders and discuss potential investment opportunities in the country. Led by Edward Claessen, the Head of the EIB Regional Hub for Eastern Africa, the delegation aimed to explore avenues for collaboration and growth, supporting the European Union’s Read More…

The NSICOP Proxy Dilemma: Right-Wing Media's Failed Attempt to Shed Light on Poilievre's Security Clearance
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The NSICOP Proxy Dilemma: Right-Wing Media’s Failed Attempt to Shed Light on Poilievre’s Security Clearance

In a recent interview, Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, publicly declined to obtain NSICOP (National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians) Top Secret Security Clearance. Poilievre’s remarks have stirred controversy, particularly as he suggested that two Conservative Party Members of Parliament (MPs), Alex Ruff and Rob Morrison, already have access Read More…