Honouring Those Who Serve: A Call to End Attacks on Armed Forces Personnel
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Honouring Those Who Serve: A Call to End Attacks on Armed Forces Personnel

In today’s society, it has become increasingly important to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by those who serve in the armed forces. From soldiers on the front lines to the supporting roles that keep the military running smoothly, these individuals commit themselves to protect their countries. Sadly, they often face physical and emotional scars Read More…

102 Voices: Unpacking Toronto's Overflowing Mayoral Contest
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102 Voices: Unpacking Toronto’s Overflowing Mayoral Contest

The upcoming by-election for mayor in Toronto has witnessed a record-breaking number of candidates, with 102 individuals certified by Toronto City Clerk John D. Elvidge. Toronto’s by-election for mayor in 2023 has attracted unprecedented registrants, surpassing the previous record of 65 candidates set during the 2014 municipal election. The sheer volume of candidates raises concerns Read More…

Hunting Fever Strikes: New Brunswick's Moose-t Awaited Season Kicksoff
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Hunting Fever Strikes: New Brunswick’s Moose-t Awaited Season Kicksoff

The province of New Brunswick has opened applications for the 2023 moose hunt season. This highly anticipated event is a beloved fall tradition among hunters in the region. The Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development, Mike Holland, has expressed his well wishes to all applicants for a safe and successful season. Moose hunting holds Read More…

Reset for Recept Erdogan As Political Fait Goes To Runoff Vote
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Reset for Recept Erdogan As Political Fait Goes To Runoff Vote

In a significant turn of events, a runoff election for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is scheduled to take place on May 28. This election comes after the long-time leader failed to secure most votes over his opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, with a razor-slim lead. Erdogan, however, remains steadfast in his belief that victory is all but Read More…

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Escalating violence in Geneina Sudan, Following Jeddah Agreement

“In a disheartening recurrence, West Darfur’s capital, Geneina, became engulfed in another outbreak of violence over the weekend, merely hours after signing the Jeddah agreement. One that would have a temporary cease-fire for aid to flow to citizens. The situation within the city has swiftly deteriorated, resulting in the loss of life for at least Read More…

Relationship with money
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Relationship with Money

How are you on the subject of discussing money?  How do you feel when approached by financial advisors to discuss your financial situation?  How much money can you imagine yourself having? What are your feelings as you internalize these questions on the subject of money? Would you believe that the people whose financial position is Read More…