Tennessee House Speaker Arrests Own Grandmother for Advocating Against Guns In School
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Tennessee House Speaker Arrests Own Grandmother for Advocating Against Guns In School

The current state of the Tennessee House of Representatives is one of despondency and dysfunction. This comes in the aftermath of the recent expulsion of the youngest two black members of the GOP-led legislature for advocating for stricter gun control in the wake of a mass shooting that took place at Covenant Elementary School.

The actions of Tennessee House Speaker, Cameron Sexton, have only further contributed to this sense of despondency. Rather than allowing legislators to express their views, Sexton has chosen to silence them. This was evident when on Wednesday evening, he had his own grandmother thrown out and arrested for speaking out against a bill that would abolish community oversight boards of police, going against the will of Nashville voters.

In the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting, the Tennessee state Republicans advanced legislation allowing teachers to carry guns in the classrooms, making it hard for gun manufacturers to be sued or held accountable in future mass shootings.

The recent advancement of the HB 1202 bill by the Tennessee legislature that allows teachers to carry guns in the classroom has left many educators unhappy and concerned. Teachers, who are already responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their students, are now being asked to take on an additional responsibility that is beyond their expertise.

Many educators argue that carrying guns in the classroom will not solve the problem of school violence and may even create more problems. Instead, they believe that the focus should be on addressing the root causes of violence, such as mental health issues and easy access to guns. Moreover, the presence of guns in the classroom may lead to more accidents and potentially fatal incidents, as teachers are not trained law enforcement officers. Allowing guns in schools may also create a hostile and fearful environment for students, who should feel safe and secure in their learning environment.

The advancing of the bill allowing teachers to carry guns in the classroom has generated controversy and concern among educators. It is imperative that policymakers listen to the concerns of educators and work together to find solutions that will ensure the safety of all students while preserving a nurturing and safe learning environment.

The purpose of democracy is to allow the free exchange of ideas and opinions and to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard. However, the current state of affairs in the Tennessee House of Representatives suggests otherwise with the introduction of more pro-gun legislation.

It is imperative that the situation be addressed and remedied as soon as possible. The current state of disarray and dysfunction cannot be allowed to continue, as it undermines the very foundations of democracy. It is time for the Tennessee House of Representatives to restore the values of democracy and allow all voices to be heard, regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs.

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