Twitter Labels CBC "Government-Funded Media," Leading to Pause In Account Usage
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Twitter Labels CBC “Government-Funded Media,” Leading to Pause In Account Usage

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has decided to suspend its primary Twitter account after the social media platform labelled it “Government Funded Media.” The move comes as part of Twitter’s efforts to increase transparency and accountability for media outlets, particularly those that receive government funding. For CBC, the decision to suspend its primary Twitter account Read More…

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Icon and star Brice El Glaoui Bexter: Morocco’s Rising artiste Discusses Film Industry, His Career

Morocco was so much more involved in this project, because usually, production companies come to Morocco and co-produce just part of the movie and then the movie goes back to France, England or America,” Brice . “But this movie, this movie belongs to Morocco. It was 80% filmed here, and 80% produced by private Moroccan Read More…

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Ontario Government Invests $180 Million To Boost Math, Writing and Reading Skills

The Ontario government is launching new initiatives to boost math, writing, and reading skills for students across the province. With an investment of more than $180 million, the government says it aims to provide targeted support both in the classroom and at home to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed Read More…

G7 Nations Form Nuclear Fuel Alliance to Isolate Russia
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G7 Nations Form Nuclear Fuel Alliance to Isolate Russia

An agreement has been reached between the UK, US, Canada, Japan, and France at the Nuclear Energy Forum at the G7 in Sapporo, Japan, aimed at isolating Putin’s Russia from the international nuclear energy market. Five of the seven nations will collaborate to undermine Russia’s grip on supply chains by leveraging their respective resources and Read More…

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Canadian Ethics Commissions For Politicians: Toothless and Ineffective

The role of ethics bodies in Canadian politics has been a topic of debate for years. While these commissions and committees were established with the intention of ensuring that politicians and public servants are held accountable for their actions, many argue that they have no real teeth and serve more as a public shaming tool Read More…

Common Sense Has No Place In Today's Republican Party
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Common Sense Has No Place In Today’s Republican Party

The Republican Party, also known as the GOP (Grand Old Party), has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Historically, the GOP has been known for its emphasis on limited government, fiscal conservatism, and a strong national defence. However, in recent years, the party has shifted away from these core principles and instead has embraced Read More…