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Black History Month Honours Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson: The Trailblazer of Coast To Coast Broadcasting Network

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and recognize the achievements and contributions of Black individuals to society. Today, we would like to tribute Kevin Robinson, a proud native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the founder of Coast To Coast Broadcasting Network. Robinson has dedicated his life to promoting amateur sports and providing opportunities for young athletes to reach their full potential.

Robinson’s passion for sports began at a young age, as he was a standout player in high school. He was heavily recruited and went on to play college basketball at the University of Carleton, where he further honed his skills and developed his love for the game. After a successful collegiate career, Robinson went on to play professionally for the Winnipeg Cyclones in the International Basketball Association.

However, Robinson’s true impact on the sports community came after his playing days were over. He founded Coast To Coast Broadcasting Network to help promote and grow amateur sports in Manitoba and beyond. Through his program “Drive,” Robinson provides opportunities for young athletes over the age of 18 to gain recognition at the collegiate and semi-pro levels through a series of exhibition games.

In addition, Robinson has made a significant impact on the basketball community by creating the Mid-West Basketball League for both men and women. This league provides a platform for amateur players to showcase their skills and potentially earn recognition from professional teams. Through his tireless efforts, Robinson has helped countless young athletes fulfill their dreams of playing at a higher level.

Kevin Robinson’s achievements and contributions to the sports community are a testament to his passion and dedication. He has broken down barriers and paved the way for future generations of young athletes. As we celebrate Black History Month, we must recognize the important role that Robinson has played in promoting amateur sports and providing opportunities for young athletes. He is a true trailblazer and a shining example of the positive impact that one person can have on their community.

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