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Former CBC Dragon’s Den Investor, Under Fire For Comparing Trudeau To Hitler

Brett Wilson is facing widespread backlash for his divisive anti-Semitic rhetoric

Brett Wilson, a former investor on the popular show “Dragon’s Den,” has again come under fire for another one of his inflammatory comments, this time for comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler. Wilson’s comments have sparked widespread outrage, with many people condemning the remarks as divisive and harmful.

Wilson has a reputation for being a lightning rod for right-wing politics, and his recent remarks are just the latest example of his controversial views. The former Dragon’s Den investor has made a name for himself by taking positions that are often at odds with the political mainstream, and his comments about Prime Minister Trudeau are no different.

At the heart of the controversy is Wilson’s belief that Prime Minister Trudeau is leading Canada down a dangerous path. The former Dragon’s Den investor has indicted the Prime Minister is pushing a progressive agenda that is at odds with Canadian values and freedoms. He has gone so far as to compare Trudeau to Hitler, suggesting that the Prime Minister is a totalitarian leader creating two classes of citizens.

These comments have been widely criticized by people from all political stripes, who view them as filled with hatred and bigotry. Many believe that Wilson’s comments attack the Prime Minister’s character and are designed to stir up division and hatred in Canadian society. They argue that these types of comments only serve to divide the country further and undermine our political discourse.

Those who support Prime Minister Trudeau and the progressive government that he leads have been especially vocal in their condemnation of Wilson’s comments. They point out that Trudeau has been working to promote a more inclusive and equitable society and that he has been working to address some of the most pressing challenges facing Canada today. They argue that Wilson’s comments are a baseless attack on these efforts and that they only undermine the progress that has been made in recent years.

Despite the backlash, Wilson has not backed down from his comments. Wilson could have articulated his message respectfully, which did offend Holocaust survivors. Still, he chose the ladder when speaking out against the Prime Minister while voicing his concerns about the direction that the country was taking. It is unimaginable that a person of his stature can equate the Prime Minister to a monstrous person like Hilter, responsible for killing millions of Jews.

In many ways, Wilson’s comments are a reflection of the larger political discourse that is taking place in Canada and around the world. With the rise of extremism and division in many countries, it is becoming increasingly common for people to take extreme positions and attack their political opponents with hateful and divisive language.

It is important to remember, however, that words have real-world consequences. When people like Brett Wilson compare Prime Minister Trudeau to Hitler, they are not just making a political statement; they are also perpetuating a harmful and dangerous narrative that can lead to real harm and division.

It is time for all of us to come together and reject this type of hateful rhetoric and work to build a more inclusive and equitable society for all Canadians. Otherwise, fascist, hateful hyperbole will dominate the minds of the easily malleable low-hanging fruit ripe for indoctrination.

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