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51 Alberta Lawyers Want Indigenous Cultural Competency Training Eliminated

In a recent development in Alberta, Canada, 51 lawyers signed a petition asking the law society to eliminate Indigenous cultural competency from their training. This move has sparked controversy, with over 400 lawyers and 124 additional signatories signing a counter-petition to keep the training intact.

Indigenous cultural competency is an important aspect of legal education that helps lawyers understand the unique cultural and historical perspectives of Indigenous peoples. It aims to address the systemic barriers faced by Indigenous communities, particularly within the criminal justice system, where they are overrepresented. The training provides lawyers with the tools and understanding they need to better serve their Indigenous clients and work towards reconciliation.

However, the lawyers who signed the petition against the training have indicated that it has more to do with political ideologies than actual legal practice. This is a disappointing stance, considering the devastating impact that systemic racism has had on Indigenous communities for centuries.

It is imperative that lawyers have a thorough understanding of Indigenous cultures and histories in order to provide effective representation and to work towards reconciliation. Eliminating Indigenous cultural competency from legal education would be a step backwards in addressing the ongoing challenges faced by Indigenous peoples.

The counter-petition signed by over 400 lawyers and 124 additional signatories shows that there is strong support for Indigenous cultural competency training within the legal profession. This training is crucial in ensuring that lawyers have the skills and knowledge they need to provide equitable and culturally sensitive representation to Indigenous clients. Furthermore, the push to eliminate this training is concerning and goes against the values of equity, justice, and reconciliation that the legal profession should uphold.

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