Charles Sousa, Wins Mississauga-Lakeshore By-Election
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Charles Sousa, Wins Mississauga-Lakeshore By-Election

Sousa wins with a record-low voter turnout of only 26% to fill the vacant seat left by held by Sven Spengemann

Former Ontario Liberal Finance Minister in the Kathleen Wynne Government, Charles Sousa, wins vacated Liberal seat in the highly contested by-election for Mississauga-Lakeshore. Before Sousa’s victory, the seat had been held by Sven Spengemann since 2015, who has returned to the United Nations. His place of employment before becoming the Member of Parliament. 

Sousa beat out Conservative candidate and former Police officer Ron Chhinzer garnering 51.2 percent to his 37.3 percent of the voters. As expected, voter turnout in a by-election would be low, but not to a historical level of 26%, which is significantly lower than the 63% of the people that showed up to vote in the 2021 general election.

“It’s official: The winner of tonight’s by-election is 

@SousaCharles . I’m looking forward to working with him to deliver results for the people of Mississauga—Lakeshore – I know he’s ready, and there’s no doubt he’s up to the task. Congratulations, Charles.” Prime Minister Trudeau, Tweeted

Sousa’s loss is a quick wake-up call for newly minted Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, who will need to change tactics if he wants to be Prime Minister. The country is tired of the divisive, Trump-style rhetoric and wants solutions. 

2025 is still a way before the next federal general election unless N.D.P. leader Jagmeet Singh goes back on his word to end the agreement to support Trudeau’s Liberals for the next three years. Arrangements like that to prop up minority governments are only as good until each party gets the out of it what they want before the collapse. 

Canadians can look to head to the polls before 2025, as the Liberal party will have successfully navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic and a series of Bills such as universal dental care and more monies for unemployment initiated by the N.D.P as part of their requirement to propping up the federal Liberals.

Image source, Sousa Social Media

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