Is The World Witnessing The Fall Of The M.A.G.A. Movement?
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Is The World Witnessing The Demise Of The M.A.G.A. Movement?

The M.A.G.A. movement is on life support after a series of devastating blows from the U.S Courts

It’s hard to fathom that the M.A.G.A. cult movement may be collapsing. With the rise of former President Donald Trump to the top position came one of America’s most dangerous movements in decades, filled with anti-semitic language, racism, bigotry, a disregard for law and order and everything that embodied the worst of America.

For years under Trump, the world has seen the collapse of the American Republican Party. The party that once stood for something is now reduced to grown men and women subservient to a defeated, disgraced leader. A party that has opened its doors and welcomed white supremacist ideologies while continuing to embrace horrible, despicable people like Nick Fuentes, Marjorie Taylor Greene and the artist formerly known as Kanye.

While several Old Guard Republicans, including Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney, have expressed concerns about the party’s direction, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former minority House leader Kevin McCarthy remain silent for fear of upsetting the former President.

In refusing to stand up for human rights and all that’s decent, the Republican Party leadership has been watching the unravelling of American democracy.

This week we saw the courts deliver devastating blow after blow to former President Trump. The Supreme Court denying multiple appeals to the 11th Circuit on Eileen Cannon’s Special Masters ruling, the Department of Justice appointing Jack Smith as special prosecutor to oversee the grand jury likely to indict Trump, and more, this week was a whirlwind of events that signalled the M.A.G.A. movement is toxic.

There are also numerous legal cases pending against the Trump organization, the release of his taxes to Congress, and the numerous new sexual assault lawsuits filed against him, which should be enough for the Republican leadership to turn away, but they haven’t.

To say it’s been a bad week for Trump and Republican Party is an understatement. Not only has he lost his lustre, but America’s appetite for far-right points of view is a teenie, tiny bit withering. It is also not a good look for the leader of the Republican Party to invite Holocaust-denying white supremacist fascist Nick Fuentes and the artist formerly known as Kanye West over to his villa for dinner.

Clearly, Trump is battling for his political life and possibly his freedom. It is also apparent that the hateful, divisive rhetoric that got him elected is not working on all those who supported him in the past except the hardcore white supremacist and M.A.G.A. cult Republicans.

As society may want to think the Republican Party is on the verge of change and ready to detach itself from racism and anti-semitic points of view, it’s wishful thinking. When you consider Congress has elected like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan, that hold such despicable opinions of many people in society, it just confirms they have not changed nor are they capable of changing.

America is seeing the changing of the guard for the Republican Party as it reluctantly tries to get the stench of M.A.G.A. out of Washington. Since they do not dare to do it on their own, they are praying the courts to convict Trump and effectively disqualify him from holding the office of the Presidency. And when that does happen when the party has effectively moved on from Trump, there is another more significant threat to democracy waiting in the winds in Florida to lead the party, and his name is Governor Ron DeSantis.

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