607 Mass Shootings In America As Of November 2022
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America’s Deadly Epidemic, 607 Mass Shootings As Of November 2022

In America, there is an average of 55 mass shootings per month or 1.8 occurrences per day in 2022

America is on pace to break the grim record it set last year for mass shootings. An alarming statistic is unique to America. Several mass shootings have occurred this week, one at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado and the other at a Walmart in Virginia. 

As of November 24, this year has seen 607 mass shootings, according to the Gun Violence Archive. In 2021, there were 690 mass shootings recorded in the United States. With more than a month left, it is not inconceivable that a country plagued by its love of guns will reach that milestone. In America, there is an average of 55 mass shootings per month or 1.8 occurrences per day in 2022.

According to every pro-gun politician in the United States, all gun violence and mass shootings are unavoided mental health issues. Mental health issues are not synonymous only within the United States; they are global. The only difference is that other nations address the cause of the problem and have reasonable gun laws.

Politicians, mainly Republicans, quickly blame mental health as a cop-out for addressing reasonable gun laws. They do not have the fortitude or will to put people over profit. They are only accountable to the big corporations that contribute to their campaigns. Therefore, they do not bite the hand that feeds them, even if it means at the expense of children and their constituents.

It is easier to buy a high-capacity assault rifle in America than purchase alcohol, rent a car, buy cough medicine, or register to vote when they are not trying to suppress your 15th Amendment right to vote. Too many lives are lost in the name of the Second Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms, which is a one-line blurb in the U.S constitution. Over 11,000 proposed amendments to the United States Constitution and 27 ratifications. That means changes are possible if the will is there.

If it weren’t for the sake of the multi-billion-gun manufacturers and gun lobbyists, gun violence in America would be significantly reduced. Mass shootings directly result from the lack of adequate mental support and ease of access to guns. If America enacts reason gun laws, such as those in Japan, Canada, the U.K., or New Zealand, mass shootings will not be an acceptable norm. And the government can invest in programs to address mental health and prevent mass acts of violence.

Mass shootings in America are a preventable epidemic, but not enough politicians have the guts to do what is right and protect everyone living in the country. For decades they’ve had the chance to pass meaningful gun legislation but chose to look the other way while lining their pockets with campaign donations. 

Schools, grocery marts, nightclubs, and places of worship have replaced shooting ranges. In any other country, this is not normal, nor is it accepted. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the generations of people who share the D.N.A. and attitudes with any elected official that is a complicit enabler of gun violence.

We hope the American people wake up and stop sending power-hungry, spineless people to Congress. Modern civilizations instill term limits for elected officials to prevent them from becoming autocratic regimes that only care about money and power.

It will never be possible to fill the gaping hole in the heart of parents who have lost a child or a loved one because of a senseless act of gun violence. However, it is possible to hold those with the power to pass reasonable gun laws to account. To do that is quite simple, come election time, vote them out. As long as there is big money in politics and power to be wheeled, nowhere in America is safe.

To the brave politicians who wear their hearts on their sleeves and fight like hell to pass reasonable gun legislation, please do not stop fighting. America is counting on you. And the activists and organizations are fighting on the front line for change; we hear you. Your efforts will one day be the catalyst for change.

Finally, we feel your pain to the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandmas, grandpas, husbands, wives, colleagues, and friends.

We dare to dream that America will be brave enough to elect a group of politicians that will rise to the occasion of the office they serve and put people and humanity before profits; until that day happens, thoughts and prayers go out to them because they are not worthy of the office or the people they serve.

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