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Black-Owned Restaurants, Get Big Support From The A.C.B.N

The Afro-Caribbean Business Network (A.C.B.N) is providing over $2,000 in Visa gift cards and prizes to support Black-owned restaurants

Starting a business can be terrifying; starting a business as a Black entrepreneur in Canada is twice as scary. Unlike many other cultures within Canada, most Black entrepreneurs do not derive from generational wealth; most are first or second-generation immigrants with dreams of living a comfortable life and doing what brings them joy.

Black entrepreneurs have been significant contributors to the Canadian economy, and many have made their mark within the culinary industry. Throughout the country, thousands of amazing restaurants serve mouthwatering authentic African and Caribbean dishes, with recipes passed down from generation to generation. And not to be outdone by the traditional ethnic restaurants, there are many five-star establishments operated by world-class chefs that can cook up the most exquisite fine dining entrees imaginable.

Since COVID-19, many restaurants have had to close their doors permanently, and for the ones that remained open, some are still struggling to tread water. And the notion of any business failing, especially one that is an integral part of the Black Business community, did not sit well with the Executive Director of The Afro-Caribbean Business Network (A.C.B.N.) Ryan Knight.

Since 2017, A.C.B.N has been a major contributor to the Black business community. Whether it is financial assistance to fund startups or expand operations or through training and mentoring entrepreneurs, they are arguably the most impactful organization propelling Black businesses forward.

The organization has been working with its many networks to highlight the many great restaurants operated by Black entrepreneurs. One of the ways they are showing their support is by offering over $2000 in prizes to be given away to participants supporting Black-owned businesses. Community members can WIN a $100 Visa Gift card, premium car detailing, organic body butter, and much more to show their support. At the end of the contest, A.C.B.N. will hold a Grand Prize draw worth $500 dollars for being a foodie!

Entrepreneurship and small businesses are the engines that drive the Canadian economy. And organizations like A.C.B.N. are the fuel that keeps businesses running for years. Every great organization starts with leadership and will to want to see the businesses within the community flourish. The team at A.C.B.N. has consistently shown their commitment to ensuring all the resources are available for Black entrepreneurs to overcome any obstacle they may face on their entrepreneurial journey.

For more info on the gift card giveaways, click here

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