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Musk, The Chief Twit, Deserves The Benefit Of The Doubt He Will Fix Twitter

Twitter has been a cesspool of hate speech and misinformation, and with Musk as the new Chief Twit, we are optimistic it will be reined in

Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire self-proclaimed Chief Twit, deserves the benefit of the doubt he will clean up Twitter. After all, it cannot get any worse than how Jack Dorsey, the former C.E.O. of Twitter, ran the social network platform.

Under Dorsey’s regime, Twitter was an infestation of hate speech, a venue for white supremacist, insurrectionist election deniers and home to M.A.G.A. sycophants.

For years, Twitter has been a problem. Even though it implemented some form of moderation, it was not enough or too little to prevent the viral spread of disinformation and contribute to multiple election interferences.

So if there were ever a chance for anyone to rein in the plethora of hate on Twitter, it would be Musk. Many people are talking about Musk’s viewpoint on Free Speech and are insinuating he supports hate speech, which is highly inaccurate. As he indicated, no one wants to be on a platform where they have to deal with language or content that’s hurtful or divisive.

According to Musk, Twitter has so much potential; if the Chief Twit has shown the world anything, he is a brilliant mind. If he does for Twitter what he has done for the space industry or the electric car industry, or PayPal, the world should be excited.

When you Fork over $44 billion for anything, it’s not just an investment; it’s a life-altering event. So for everyone who thinks Musk will throw caution to the wind and let Twitter run rampant with hate speech and not innovate the platform, they need to take their biases and opinions of the Chief Twit out of the equation.

Let’s all rally behind the Chief Twit and give him a chance, and reserve judgment, for he has only been on the job for less than a couple of weeks. And suppose he does allow back onto his platform the M.A.G.A. megaphone mouthpiece of fake news and misinformation; in that case, we can assert it’s not going to be without restrictions seeing that the Corporate world is the most significant ad buyer. And as Musk has stated so many times, he cannot afford to have advertisers leave the platform because the company is losing $4 million a day.

It’s time for everybody to keep calm and Tweet on and give the Chief Twit a chance; he may make you a believer.

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