Another Right-Wing Dictator Ousted From Power
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Another Right-Wing Dictator Ousted From Power

Lula de Silva became Brazil’s 39th President, ending the short reign of the Bolsonaro regime

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 brought on a wave of far-right ideology, secular policies and identity politics while embracing white supremacists. Trump’s election made it okay for every closeted racist to come into the light and bravely take off their hoods without fear or public backlash.

Many say Trump’s election started a snowball effect of electing far-right extremist heads of state across the globe, such as Duarte in the Philippines and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil.

However, in the last couple of years, beginning with the election of Biden, history has already started to course correct itself by electing centralist or left-leaning heads of state to fix the mess of their predecessors.

Last night, Brazil held its election, ridding the country of arguably one of the nation’s worst and most deplorable leaders of all time, Jair Bolsonaro. He was far-right, anti-science, and abrasive; he was a climate denier and drove the country into near bankruptcy. His denial of COVID resulted in the deaths of almost 700,000 Brazilians.

Bolsonaro’s lack of leadership during the pandemic decimated the country’s economy. And he had no clear vision of how to help the nation rebound post-COVID. Last night’s election sent former President Lula de Silva back to the office after serving 580 days in jail on Trumped-up charges that the country’s Supreme Court later vacated. Lula de Silva previously served as the 35th President from 2003 to 2010, returning to the presidency will allow Brazil to regain its place in the global arena.

Lula de Silva, a former leader union leader, is a blue-collar worker. In a time of uncertainty and economic despair, he is the leader Brazil needs.
His election is a welcome sign for a country’s people in desperate need of hope and an economic miracle.

What the world is seeing is a proper sense of course correction. The far-right governments that favour big tax cuts for the wealthy and loath secular politics have no place in the people’s house. As Presidential elections are up and coming, that trend will continue to spawn a plethora of leftist-leaning governments getting elected by the people for the people.

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