Why Do Politicians Cheat?
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Why Do Politicians Cheat?

A life of power and influence often leads to politicians breaking their marital vows

As public figures, politicians have a lot of social pressure bearing down on them. They may feel that intimacy with someone other than their spouse gives them more freedom to pursue their interests. Many politicians have indicated they were led into affairs by their spouses’ infidelity, who became bored and lonely with their absences and sought relief in other people’s arms. Many also admitted to cheating because they felt it was okay to use their power and influence to engage in extramarital activities. Regardless of what led them to cheat, both scenarios are wrong.

In the 19th century, many American states had laws against politicians’ marital infidelity. However, those laws have since been repealed. Most probably believe sticking with one’s spouse is the best way to sustain emotional and physical health. But if that were the case, they would not cheat.

Politicians tend to neglect their personal lives when they take on official responsibilities. This can lead to emotional and physical exhaustion for their spouses. Being a politician is a full-time job, preventing them from fully prioritizing their spouses’ needs. As a result, these people are unable to communicate with them effectively. Extracurricular activities also prevent these people from forming healthy relationships with others in their party. Not prioritizing personal time keeps spouses in emotional lockdown as they wait for their politicians to come home.

Another factor is that politicians’ spouses can not handle the demanding and unreasonable schedule and intrusive life of having a politician as a spouse. And for spouses with a relationship on the verge of collapsing, both parties may not have the will to stop themselves from indulging in an extramarital affair.

It’s common for politicians to go through cycles of constant disappointment and emotional letdowns, and their personal lives are affected by the nature of their jobs. Most people never seek a life of politics, and for the few fortunate to get elected, they do so at the expense of destroying their relationship with their spouses and family dynamics.

Sadly, most politicians never acknowledge what they’ve done when they’ve had affairs- instead, choosing to lie about it or continue adulterous relationships without their spouse’s blessing and consent.

Then there are those politicians who have a long history of cheating, but their spouses have accepted their behaviour and opted to remain in the relationship. This is done for many speculative reasons, but there is never a good one for politicians to cheat!

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