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Poilievre Named New Conservative Leader, Setting Stage For Liberal Super Majority In 2025

Canadians can expect three years of distasteful, divisive Trumpian-style rhetoric from Poilievre 

Today, Conservative party members voted for Pierre Poilievre to lead the party into the next general election. Poilievre ran a campaign filled with hate, divisive rhetoric, and widespread support for the Freedom Convoy and right-wing ideologies. His campaign often proclaimed he was running to be the country’s next Prime Minister when he was running to be the party’s next leader. 

Poilievre thumped his primary rival, former Premier of Quebec and Deputy Prime Minister Jean Charest. He garnered a staggering 68.15% of the votes to win the leadership race, thus making him the new leader of the party.

Charest is the party leader of choice for rational non-Trumpian Canadians that don’t openly have the support of White Supremacists groups. Unfortunately, his campaign faltered and did not do enough to inspire enough Canadians and earned a meagre 16.07% support from the party. It was an opportunity wasted, even with Patrick Brown pledging his 150,000 supporters after being forced to resign from the leadership race on a technicality. 

Poilievre’s victory means Canadians must endure daily doses of vile, distasteful, divisive vitriol politics. This means that the Conservative party members that voted for Poilievre support Trumpian-style rhetoric. Ironically, they may have just handed Liberal leader Justin Trudeau another governing mandate, possibly a supermajority.

The prevailing hope by many is that Pierre will rise to the occasion and present himself as a world leader in the waiting and a bridge builder, but he has not demonstrated he has the humility to do either. Since the resignation of Aaron O’Toole early in the year, the Conservative party has failed to provide a positive message of inclusion and unity. The Conservative party rhetoric has shifted so far right that they are seen as not having many differences from the Peoples Party of Canada.

From outgoing leader Candice Bergen and before her O’Toole and Scheer, Poilievre’s repugnant style of politics represents everything Canadians have come to dislike about their politicians.

Poilievre will spend the next three years trying to convince Canadians that a leopard can change its spots. Poilievre has never been seen as a unifier. His views on immigration, same-sex marriage, Indigenous issues, vaccines, and science is archaic and don’t reflect society. Hence, the Conservative party could once again find itself in a familiar position in search of a new leader in 2025 if it fails to unseat Popular Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. At some point, the party leadership will figure out that expanding its big blue tent can only be done by including Canadians, not the ladder.

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