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Sweden, Finland Move One Step Closer to NATO Membership

The world’s strongest political and military organization approves the request to add two more countries to the group

On Tuesday, June 5th, 2022, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ratified the accession of Finland and Sweden. The accession comes after the meeting in Madrid, Spain, on May 17th that introduced the request of the Nordic countries to join.

Although it may take many more months to become full-fledged members, they will have the status of “Invites” to attend meetings and participate in discussions.

NATO is an organization that brings together multiple countries (currently 30) to support each other. NATO allows access to consultations on military and political affairs. All of the countries involved have to follow the obligations of the contract. However, they are permitted certain flexibilities in how they participate.

The major push for the accession can be tied back to the invasion happening in Ukraine. Finland and Sweden border Russia, and for the security and safety of their nations, they applied to gain the support of larger countries.

Sweden and Finland share similar values to those in NATO and hope to stand together against Russia. These reasons are why NATO moved quickly to get the bids in and accession started.

Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO is an act of support and hope for a stronger alliance against any threats.

“Image from Oana Lungescu Social Media”