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Scotland Provides An Additional 65 Million Pounds In Military Aid To Ukraine

As the war on Ukraine continues, Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom are sending more lethal weapons to fight back the Russian army.

The United Kingdom is prepared to send an additional 1 billion pounds for military support for Ukraine. This new package will include a 65 million pound commitment from Scotland.

Kate Forbes, Cabinet Secretary of Finance Security, stated, “This further funding is to assist Ukrainian armed forces to fight Russian aggression and the unspeakable brutality being perpetrated.” This declaration shows that the Scottish people stand with Ukraine.

Before this new funding, Scotland has contributed 7 million pounds to the people of Ukraine. This money was used for humanitarian efforts such as shelter, clean water, food, and medical aid. A part of that 7 million pounds also went to UNICEF and the Red Cross to help Ukrainian families to support relief efforts caused by the illegal invasion of Ukraine.

As the war extends into its fifth month, Ukraine President Zelensky is asking the world to keep up the pressure on Russia. And if his people are to be liberated, it would need the continuous flow of lethal and non-lethal supplies.