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Cake-Ology, The Exchange District’s Best Kept Secret

The ice cream and pastry are fantastic and the customer service is exceptional

Sometimes the best surprises are the ones you least expect. Late Saturday afternoon, our Editor in Chief went for a stroll through the Exchange District of downtown Winnipeg with his daughter, passing the time and they were desperately craving ice cream. They stopped a group of local Winnipeggers and asked where the best place to get ice cream in the Exchange was? In unison, the group screamed Cake-Ology.

As they stood on the corner of Bannatyne and Main, the directions provided were pretty simple: down the street, pass the roundabout, pass the Cube stage, and it’s on the left.

Who needs Google Maps they said? Needless to say, they were enjoying the sites and sounds of the Exchange; however, they walked right past the Cake-Ology in their quest to find it. Their pursuit of ice cream ended up being a lot longer than expected.

As I mentioned, they were passing the time before their show started and decided to head back to where they had parked their vehicle, and to their surprise, they just happened to be parked right in front of Cake-Ology.

Their journey for ice cream was right in front of their eyes, and all they had to do was look up. Luckily, the young lady working was extremely friendly to let them in as they did not realize they were closing.

The hospitality and service were first-class, and the ice cream was well worth the stroll throughout the Exchange. To their unexpected delight, they got to sample the bakery’s pastry, which was divine.

Naturally intrigued by the fusion of tastes, they did some Googling to learn more about the Cake-Ology. It was co-founded by Mr. Austin Ryan, an award-winning Canadian Pastry Chef. His resume of accomplishments is as impressive as the pastry and service you get from the Cake-Ology.

Having trained under some of the world’s most renowned pastry chefs, several Michelin-certified, Chef Ryan truly brought a bit of the world back to Winnipeg. This is only fitting considering the city’s rich multicultural history.

Chef Ryan has trained with and learned from home-grown bakers across Canada, and top pastry chefs in Hong Kong, Copenhagen, and New York City. Chef Ryan has even impressed Dominique Ansel, the Soho baker and inventor of the Cronut, a donut-croissant hybrid. Chef Ryan has cemented his place as one of the top pastry chefs in Canada.

When you visit Cake-Ology, you can try ice cream, donuts, cakes, and many delicious and world-renowned pastries. Then, snack-in-hand, you can explore the oddities and eccentricities of Winnipeg’s Exchange District. If you’re looking for a way to spend the day, a trip to Cake-Ology might just be the way.

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