Mona Lisa Smashed With Cake, Flavour & Taste Unknown
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Mona Lisa Smashed With Cake, Flavour & Taste Unknown

This latest attack on the Mona Lisa is history in the baking

Monday afternoon, while attending the Louvre museum in France, a man cleverly disguised as a senior citizen woman in a wheelchair rolled over the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa, and smashed it with a piece of cake. 

The man was immediately arrested by the French police and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. It is unclear the man’s motive why he attacked the Mona Lisa and why he chose to dress up like an older woman.

Additional questions remain unanswered, such as;

  • What was the flavour of the cake used in the attack?
  • Was it store-bought or homemade?
  • Was it buttercream or fondant?
  • Did an elderly old lady bake it?
  • Was it a birthday cake or anniversary cake?
  • Was the cake a delivery order from Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, or Doordash?

These are all critical questions that deserve answers. The Mona Lisa sits behind a heavily thick bulletproof glass; the only thing damaged was a piece of cake and presumably a lost tip and a bad rating if he was on a delivery run.

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