Winnipegers Get Kicked In Their Slurpee Sucking Mouth With Record Snowfall
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Winnipeggers Get Kicked In Their Slurpee Sucking Mouth With Record Snowfall

Snow, snow, go away

For everyone that wants to know if climate change is real, just ask the millions of North Americans hit with four feet of snow in the middle of spring. While many around the world are prepping the garden or carrying out spring cleaning, Canadian cities like Winnipeg are in the middle of a blizzard.

Often referred to as Winterpeg, they are no strangers to blizzards. In the last 60 years, they have endured three blizzards that saw more than 35cm of snowfall. For a city with snow flowing through its veins, the blizzard is a kick to the citizens’ Slurpee-filled mouths.

Not only have they already experienced record-filled snowfall in 2021 that saw mountains of snowbanks, but they are also now back in the deep freeze. Last week Winnipeggers had a glimpse of spring with the melting of the snow–and for the first time in months–were treated to pots holes and bad roads. A sure sign of spring and the city’s fifth season, construction season.

If the snow does decide to dissipate, Winnipeggers will have a do-over. They will know where the potholes are located and instead of rage about falling in one, they will welcome the sure sign of springtime.

To all the climate deniers and naysayers, see you in Winnipeg.

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