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Russian Journalist Who Held Up Sign On State Tv, Found Alive

Journalist Ovsyannikova that opposed Putin on live tv is one of tens of thousands Russians against the invasion of Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is being fought on two fronts, one using weapons of mass destruction and the other within the Russian state media. The Russian buildup on the Ukrainian border was portrayed as a training exercise with Ukraine by Putin, but when the invasion began, Russian State-run Tv broadcasted it as a fight to eliminate Nazis from their allies.

Under Putin’s reign, Russia’s state TV has been the engine driving the Dictators web of lies. Lying to the Russian people has become par for the course of the authoritarian regime. And speaking out against the war is punishable by a length prison sentence or death.

On Monday, Marina Ovsyannikova, a journalist on Vremya, one of Russia’s most-watched news shows, ran on stage holding a sign reading “No war, stop the war, don’t believe the propaganda, they are lying to you here.”

Ovsyannikova’s open defiance of Putin’s lies had put her in serious danger. For more than 15 hours after the journalist held up her sign, she went missing. It is not uncommon for people that oppose the Kremlin to go missing and Ovsyannikova’s family and colleagues feared the worst.

However, on Tuesday morning, Ovsyannikova appears in court with lawyer Anton Gashinsky to face charges against the Kremlin. Her previous whereabouts remain anonymous as it is presumed she took steps to protect herself and her family.

Ovsyannikova is just one of the tens of Russians that have taken to the streets, social media and on TV to protest Putin’s war. It remains unclear if Ovsyannikova can get a fair trial in a court system that is loyal to the Kremlin.

Journalists across the globe are coming to her defence because of the stand she took for humanity with the hope justice will prevail.

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