Mariya EL amraoui

The nomination of the first international professional Arab photographer, Mohammed Qamaz Al-Jordan

Mohammad Qammaz is the first Arab photographer to photograph in a new way of innovative fashion, from the Arab (Bedouin) heritage for the second time in a row; In the IPA International Competition for Arab Photographers from the State of Jordan
International photo awards.

In 2017, Mohammad Qammaz was the first Arab photographer to receive the first prize of Arab heritage; This matter will greatly change the way of photography in the Arab region, according to what Mohammad sees, for the fascination in the picture; this is reflected in a drawing with his lens, the beauty of the ancient heritage, and made from the dress of folklore and the Palestinians, away from shots from the lenses of photographers, and thus Mohammad Jalal Qammaz is considered, A Jordanian photographer who has emerged on the Arab scene recently, and he was one of the most prominent photographers of famous artists, such as Kazem Al-Saher, Hussein Al-Deek, Magda Al-Roumi, Nancy Ajram…etc. Many of them witnessed him with his distinctive images, with a character that reeks of life and hope, making life from scratch until he reached the first
Global steps, because this “tactic” depends on the method of photography, not photo-editing (Photoshop).

Qammaz is nominated to be the first Arab photographer, depicting the Bedouin heritage in a new way.