Manitobans Frustrated With Justice Minister Goertzen's Inability To Manage Illegal Blockades
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Manitobans Frustrated With Justice Minister Goertzen’s Inability To Manage Illegal Blockades

Goertzen is facing a lot criticism from Manitobans for his mishandling of the Illegal convoys across the province.

One of the biggest threats to Canadians and the economy right now is the occupation of truck convoys, considering many of them have now entered into their second week across the country. While members in all branches of government are working to find solutions to the illegal blockades, some continue to use the situation as an opportunity to play politics, and none more evident than Justice Minister for Manitoba, Kelvin Goertzen. 

In a late-afternoon press conference yesterday, Goertzen chose to use his time to finger point at the Canadian Prime Minister for not putting an end to the illegal blockades. Nor did he offer solutions to how his government plans to restore order.

“I’m calling upon the Trudeau government to do what it can to lower the temperature to ensure that people are being heard.” Said Goertzen As the Justice Minister, Goertzen has many tools at his disposal to help lower the temperature but, instead, he appears more focused on sticking to his talking points and catchy sound bytes for the media.

Ironically some of the most divisive rhetoric in Ottawa has been coming from newly minted acting Conservative Leader Candice Bergen, who referred to the truck occupiers as ” nice people on both sides.” Her disturbing comments are similar to those of disgraced US President Donald Trump when he said “there are very fine people on both sides.’ Referring to the Charlottesville white supremacist terrorist attack that saw an innocent bystander killed when one of the terrorists used his car to run her over. 

On numerous occasions in the press conference, Goertzen refused to offer any real solutions on how he planned to handle the siege by the truck convoys. They have shut down the Emerson Border, which is Manitoba’s busiest crossing with the United States, and on one occasion, impeded a residence trip seeking emergency medical assistance. 

When asked by a reporter if his government had asked the illegal blockade erected downtown across from the Manitoba Legislative building to move, he deflected and once again pointed the finger at the Prime Minister. 

Manitobans are looking for leadership from Goertzen and, with no clear plan to address the illegal blockade, leaves Manitobans frustrated with Goertzen’s perceived white-glove treatment of the convoy.

Earlier in the afternoon before Goertzen’s press conference, Steinbach Regional Secondary School went into emergency lockdown to prevent anti mandate protestors from entering the building. Several parents expressed their outrage that children were subjected to harassment at a place that is considered a safe space. They are not alone as anti-vax, anti mandate protestors have been harassing not only children but health care workers and front line staffers since the start of the pandemic.

As protestors continue to show their disrespect for the rule of law, Manitobans are disheartened with Goertzen’s sympathetic approach to illegal blockade and the anti-mandate occupiers. It is time the Justice Minister shows some leadership and remembers his job is to protect the rights of all Manitobans. 

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