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Why Does Saudi Arabia Not Have A Problem With Homeless?

The Saudi Government’s housing program should be adopted in North America

Homelessness is an issue that is common to people around the world and governments struggle to solve this problem. In a country like Saudi Arabia, the government continues to put all their efforts into dealing with this problem while lowering the rate of homelessness in their country.

In efforts to deal with homelessness, there was a royal decree by the King to establish a Ministry of Housing in 2011. The cabinet-level position is responsible for providing housing for all the citizens with lower income.

The Ministry of Housing initiated a program called Eskan (Housing), and there are some main requirements an applicant must have in order to become a beneficiary of this program:

  • Must be a Saudi national
  • Must be over 25 years old
  • Must not own a residence

The number of beneficiaries has reached 160,304 families in September, 2021.

In order to meet citizens’ demand of providing the appropriate housing for Saudi families, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announces the Housing Program, while the Housing Minister Majid Al-Hogail says the housing program is considered to be a turning point that will benefit the citizens.

This program is one of many other beneficial plans taken by all ministries in the country, such as education and health ministers. These decisions are all part of the 2030 vision set by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Which is a transformative economic and social reform plan to improve the country and quality of living for all the people.