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Norwegian Prime Minister’s Government Resigns

Budget topples Prime Minister Erna Solberg Government

After the presentation of the Budget Statement in the Storting this morning, Prime Minister Erna Solberg took the floor to notify the Storting that her Government will submit an application for permission to resign at the meeting of the Council of State at the Royal Palace today at 13:00.

The Prime Minister gave the following statement:

‘President, the parliamentary elections on 13 September 2021 have resulted in a parliamentary basis for the formation of a new government.

Therefore, I will submit an application for permission for my Government to resign at the meeting of the Council in State to be held today at 13:00.

I will advise His Majesty The King to approach the leader of the Labour Party, Jonas Gahr Støre, as he is the candidate for the position of Prime Minister agreed on by the two parties that are prepared to form a government.’

At 15:00 today, the Prime Minister will hold a press conference in connection with the application for permission to resign and the coming change of government, in the press room at the Government Guest House. Members of the press carrying a press card and some form of valid ID may meet up at Riddervoldsgate 2 starting at 14:30.

There will be no meeting with the press in the Palace Square after today’s Council in State. A press conference will be held on the day of the change of government. Still photos from the meeting of the Council in State will be available from the Royal Court via the NTB photo pool.

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Kingston Bailey
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