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Atlantic Provinces Brace For Tropical Storm Henri

Many fear Henri will be upgraded to hurricane status By Dami Igbinyemi As Tropical Storm Henri approaches the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, Islanders are encouraged to monitor Environment Canada for updates and weather warnings. A statement released by Environment Canada yesterday says that Tropical Storm Henri is expected to hit all of Nova Scotia as Read More…

Middle East

Linda Benallal Paving Way For Women C.E.O’S In The Middle East

The number of women in professional and technical jobs in the Middle East is projected to double by 2030. By Maryam Razzaq Despite the challenges that the West attributes to women in the Middle East, the advancing of the role of women in Middle Eastern society and economy is a common drive for change in the Read More…

Ontario Believes Agri-tech Is The Future Of Farming
Eastern Canada

Ontario Believes Agri-tech Is The Future Of Farming

The Ontario Government commits over $20 million to agri-farming technology. By Dami IgbinyemiErnie Hardeman, Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced the Agri-tech Innovation Program back in April 2021. This was a $22 million cost-share program that will help farming operators and processor businesses invest in innovative technology by providing up to 60% Read More…